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Meet the Team

Meet the Team


I've been running the film review account @buffedfilmbuff on Instagram since 2017. The film community has introduced me to a lot of wonderful people who have helped me expand my horizons in genre and style. I've wanted to make a website for a really long time, and thankfully I've found some great collaborators who seek to devote the same energy and enthusiasm to this passion as I do. Some of my favorite recent films include Phantom Thread, In Bruges, Frances Ha, and Inside Llewyn Davis, although I'm a great admirer of the French New Wave and 70s New Hollywood. I'm not very technical and I haven't gone to school for this, but I sure love to talk about it like I did! I hope through this blog I can continue to meet new people and get awesome recommendations. Thanks for following!


Meet the Team


Unlike the other two kind people, I am not American. I am Australian, with a flipping big love for film, TV, literature and the arts. Mainly the art of storytelling. I am an aspiring filmmaker, with my major inspirations being David Lynch, Charlie Kaufman, Paul Thomas Anderson, Bill Hader, Bong Joon-Ho, the Safdie Brothers, Park Chan-Wook and Edgar Wright. 

What I love most in a movie is for it to hold a grip tight on me and fiddle with my emotions at the artist’s will. I want to feel impacted by a story, in any way, shape or form. It’s an impact I’m looking for, as well as a deep work of artistic sense, storytelling and thematic exploration. Y’know, that jazz.

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Instagram: @reviewthebacon23 & @the_perks_of_being_kevin_bacon

Letterboxd: ReviewtheBacon

Meet the Team


I love movies, and I have ever since I can remember. Some of my favorite films and influences come from Charlie Kaufman, Denis Villeneuve, Richard Linklater, and Stanley Kubrick. I'm also very involved in music in my free time. I play several instruments, including piano, guitar, bass, and drums. For that reason, I love a good movie score.
Instagram: spenc_bowden


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