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I am a Journalism: News and Information student at Ohio University. I've been running the film review account @buffedfilmbuff on Instagram since 2017. I've wanted to make a website for a quite a while, and thankfully I've found some great collaborators who seek to devote the same energy and enthusiasm to this passion as I do. Some of my favorite recent films include Phantom Thread, In Bruges, Frances Ha, and Inside Llewyn Davis, although I'm a great admirer of the French New Wave, 70s New Hollywood, and punk films of the 80s and 90s. I'm not very technical and I haven't gone to school for this, but I'm of the opinion that all a critic really needs are empathy and some writing chops. I hope through this blog I can continue to meet new people and receive recommendations. Vive le cinéma!

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Assignment Editor



I started writing about movies when I was twelve and have been desperately trying to make myself stop ever since. Despite the fact that I have the background and the education to write about better movies, I refuse to shut up about westerns, messy trash, and, most respectably, leftist cinema. Among the most essential of my favorite movies are Miami Vice, Barry Lyndon, The Handmaiden, and Yojimbo. Outside of this, I write narrative fiction, listen to Talking Heads, and tweet about the Muppets.

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Staff Writer


I am Australian, with a flipping big love for film, TV, literature and the arts. Mainly the art of storytelling. I am an aspiring filmmaker, with my major inspirations being David Lynch, Charlie Kaufman, Paul Thomas Anderson, Bill Hader, Bong Joon-Ho, the Safdie Brothers, Park Chan-Wook and Edgar Wright. 

What I love most in a movie is for it to hold a tight grip on me and fiddle with my emotions at the artist’s will. I want to feel impacted by a story, in any way, shape or form. It’s an impact I’m looking for, as well as a deep work of artistic sense, storytelling and thematic exploration. Y’know, that jazz.

You can find me on

Instagram: @reviewthebacon23 & @the_perks_of_being_kevin_bacon

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I love movies, and I have ever since I can remember. Some of my favorite films and influences come from Charlie Kaufman, Denis Villeneuve, Richard Linklater, and Stanley Kubrick. I'm also very involved in music in my free time. I play several instruments, including piano, guitar, bass, and drums. For that reason, I love a good movie score.

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Staff Writer



I am a freelance film journalist and aspiring film historian. My passion lies in film education and dissecting film history through an intersectional feminist lens. I hope to one day inspire the passion I have for film in others. Although I’m always discovering a new filmic obsession, classic Hollywood has my heart. Some of my favorite directors include Agnès Varda, Park Chan-wook, Todd Haynes, Stanley Donen, and Jane Campion. You can find me on Instagram and Letterboxd @ellasolenne.


Staff Writer



Heyo! I am a web developer and part time library assistant with a huge thing for films, books, and music. I am also currently pursuing a multitude of things in university at the moment, including film, computer science, and mathematics. In my spare time I love to collect vinyl records, play video games with friends, and go down the rabbit hole on the internet. Some of my favorite films include Charade, Baby Driver, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Oh and I'm obsessed with noodles. 

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